God's calling comes with God's limitless power!

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In an inspiring message of awe for the things of God, Susie Jennings shares her past grief, her struggles, and her initial reaction when God’s Spirit first spoke her name: “No, not me!”

But when the grieving widow responded to God’s call with an obedient heart and activated her faith, miracles happened. In No, Not Me!, walk with Susie as she recounts how God faithfully turned her challenges and sorrows into victories, raising her ministry from the depths of its tragic beginning with many miraculous blessings.

Multitudes of people come to know God’s truth when His servants willingly say yes: “Here I am. Lord. Send me.”

susie jennings no not me book transparent

Praise for No, Not Me!

No, Not Me! is a story of God using a broken widow to do impossible things for the Kingdom of God. Susie not only hears from God, but immediately obeys. The activation of her faith has blessed so many of the homeless and impoverished both here in Dallas and all over the world. Susie's story also proves that God's calling comes with God's limitless power! Susie's faith and obedience have put her in a position to see many miracles. I'm proud to be her pastor.

Many people marvel, “How did you move from travesty to victory?” “How can one average person inspire people around the world to meet the spiritual and practical needs of others?” This true story gives us the answer. The Bible says, “The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.” The life of Susie Jennings displays how she is called—she steps out, but He indeed is doing it!

Excerpts from No, Not Me!

When an unexpected visitor knocked at my home on April 7, 1993, I didn’t know that opening the door would usher in a new chapter of my life. This chapter would be full of heartache and grief and would introduce challenges beyond my imagination.

A feeling of dread arose as I saw standing on the other side of the threshold a uniformed officer, Detective Bradshaw, who had been assigned to my husband’s missing-persons case.

He wasted no time. “Hello, Mrs. Jennings. I need to inform you that we found your husband’s car.”

An immediate rush of fear pierced my heart. This would be bad news, regardless of what I had spent the last month hoping for. I wanted to hear that they had found my husband—not just his car.

Our experience during the first outreach under Canton Bridge was so powerful that it gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment, knowing I had obeyed God’s commands. I immediately started asking more people to donate money for a Christmas blanket for the homeless. God continued to transform my hardened heart and replace it with genuine love and care for the homeless.

Having heard the stories and blessings from our Thanksgiving outreach, more people from the church decided to get involved with this budding ministry. We decided to invite a Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) student to preach during the Christmas outreach. After the sermon, the rest of us would distribute blankets and gospel tracts the church had provided. With joyful spirits and love for the Lord, we loaded up our cars the Sunday before Christmas and once again caravanned to the Canton Bridge. It felt as if we were going to a birthday party, bearing gifts.

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susie jennings no not me book transparent

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susie jennings no not me book transparent